Mako Power offers a complete range of services required to ensure a functional and reliable battery protected system.

We provide services for all stationary battery systems. These are commonly used in UPS and rectifier applications, but we can customize a solution for any unique application. Our certified technicians have extensive training to ensure that your system is serviced with the highest degree of professionalism and safety.

Our service capabilities include:

Engineering and designing for critical power
Battery maintenance and testing offerings to fit any client's unique requirements
Proper selection for battery type aH (Amp Hour)/wattage, physical dimensions, VRLA or Flooded
Battery delivery services throughout the United States
Complete battery replacement services
UPS equipment, rectifier equipment and battery system leasing
Rack installations
24 hour emergency services
Cabinet installations
Preventative maintenance services
Battery recycling/removal and EPA approved/certified disposal
UPS sizing and selection
AC & DC Electrical installation
Rectifier & Inverter sizing and selection
Protect your power.
We are committed to serving our customers so they are 100% satisfied with their experience utilizing Mako Power. We want to be your lifetime partner for critical power solutions.
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